Screwed, Broke, and still Chill AF.

We are a generation laden with debt, rising inflation, a climate crisis, a housing shortage, an economic shutdown, and a global pandemic. We aren't defined by an age cohort, but by the fact that the Boomers traded our futures away for a few extra cucks. Yet here we are, chill AF, and in the most ironic turn of events, it's our ability (and their inability) to use the internet that will usher in the greatest transfer of wealth in human history. WAGMI.

1 Free Mint Per Approved Wallet.

Signup below for an upcoming mint window then head to Mom's basement and introduce yourself.

Mint Phase: Invite Only


Private Mint

Chillennials will be released for claiming, by invite only. Instant reveal.

Token Set

20,000 Max

10K now by invite only, 10K locked up for later –  Each is unique, some are rare, all are chill.

Presale Price


Priced like a sweet pair of Vans classics.

Public Sale Price


Priced like Yeezys.

Witheld Tokens


We're keeping some chill ass (randomized) pfps for ourselves and other business needs.

Token Type


The ERC-721A non fungible token standard will save you gas during the public mint.

File Hosting


The InterPlanetary File System. Metadata and image hosting will move here post mint.



Used for verifying that you are the only one who owns your Chillennial. Der.



Each Chillennial is a unique, hopefully all inclusive, combination of each attribute.



Yeah, we got a ton of traits! We've been building for nearly a year.

Purchase Limit


Yep – for the culture.


Commercial Rights

Do whatever you want with your specific Chillennial, but we own IP rights to the collection as a whole.

Team & Vision

We don't have a roadmap, we have a creative vision. We're currently a team of two – one founded & sold a web2 company that touts 75M users, $20M rev/yr, and ranks in the top of it's category in the App Store, the other is an Exec Producer and Director at Nickelodeon.Together we built the Chillennials, but this is just the pilot episode. We're quite literally building the series. Chillennials have college debt, net worths, jobs, stress, and boomer parents who can barely use the internet and constantly call us for tech support. F***CK! Mom. TRY GOOGLING!



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Accumulate points buying and holding... We appreciate you and we're paying attention. 👀

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